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We Specialize in high quality Cabinet Refinishing

We at RENU are experts in what we do, from beginning to end, we know exactly how to handle your project right way. We believe our clients deserve quality work, great products, and great service at affordable prices. We are customer-oriented and want you to have a positive experience with our team from the estimate phase to the end of the project.

We provide beautiful fine finishes at a fraction of the price new cabinets will cost. At RENU Refinishing department we provide re-painting and re-staining professional services. Our end product is a soft smooth touch, with a factory finish and look. So if you are in the market for a new fresh look for your cabinets, and also looking to make great use of your money, well you should most definitely give us a call for a no compromise refinishing quote!!

Professional approach in cabinet refinishing

After many years in the industry we realized an unprofessional and common approach to cabinet refinishing.

Have you noticed a cabinet just refinished, looking great but after just a few weeks it starts to peel?

The main issues with the paint peeling off the cabinet is that refinishing company didn’t correctly decontaminate the wood and correctly prepped it before applying a new color. If the new paint is not being sprayed on a prepped and decontaminated surface, the new paint will not be applied correctly and will eventually peel off, guaranteed! That is why every project we do we clean, decontaminate, and lightly sand the cabinets. This helps us remove years of dirt, years of grease, dog hairs, finger prints, hand grease, and years of food stains. Most companies just do a very light sand and do not focus on decontaminating the cabinets at 100%. By doing this another benefit you get is a beautiful smooth look because years of wear and tear on your cabinets were completely removed. This results in a lasting effect and a smooth finish that you can feel, touch, and most importantly see.

Have you noticed a cabinet just refinished, looking great but after just a few months it starts to show worn edges and got scratches all over?

The main reason is that most refinishing companies are not trained to properly finish cabinets. Most of them are just a painting companies and do not have access to professional cabinet painting products and are using waterborne paints since it is easy accessible, less expensive, user friendly and advertised as less harmful, but much-much less durable. The base of our finishes is a catalyzed conversion varnish that exhibits excellent moisture-resistant and non-yellowing properties. We develop our own formulas in order to provide a consistent, high-quality product and use our catalyzed varnish as our “natural” finish and a tinted catalyzed varnish as a top coat for our painted surfaces. Our finishing products are a high-quality industrial grade only. Our specialists are specially trained in cabinet refinishing and not just a good painters. When our clients hire us, they receive personalized attention, high-quality labor, and long-lasting results.