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Renu offers the option of professional finishing services with your cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and other wood components orders. Choose from our more than 50 paints, stains, and glaze options or a custom color match to your specifications.

If you don’t find the finish you desire we can match any paint or stain. Just send us a paint chip or stain sample, and we will match it!

The base of our finishes is a catalyzed conversion varnish that exhibits excellent moisture-resistant and non-yellowing properties. We develop our own formulas in order to provide a consistent, high-quality product and use our catalyzed varnish as our “natural” finish and a tinted catalyzed varnish as a top coat for our painted orders. Our finishing products are a high-quality industrial grade only.

Our most common sheen is 40 sheen (medium gloss). However, if you would like an even higher gloss, our highest is 60 sheen.

Our catalog can be fairly close, but can never completely compensate for the depth of wood grain and actual wood color. Viewing color online is the least accurate due to the virtually endless variables with monitors, handheld devices, etc.

Actual wood block samples are the most accurate. However, even here, due to the normal characteristics of real wood, the same stain finish applied on two samples of the same wood species can differ slightly. This accounts for the warmth, beauty, and value of natural wood.

We even go beyond Painted and Stained finishes and offer Accent glazing, Distressing, Sand-Thru and Weathering for our most detail oriented customers. 

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