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Don’t Replace, Reface

Refacing cabinets is a great way to give your kitchen a new look with a minimum of mess and inconvenience and it cost you only fraction of the new kitchen.

If your cabinets are too damaged for cabinet refinishing and complete remodel is not an option for you then cabinet refacing is the perfect option! We at RENU can transform your kitchen by refacing your cabinets in days. Cabinet Refacing is the perfect solution when painting or refinishing just won’t do and all new is more than you need. Refacing is the craft of completely transforming your existing outdated cabinets without the need to replace countertops or floors.

Cabinet Refacing includes all-new custom-made doors and drawer fronts plus finishing of the existing face frame too match your new doors.

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To Reface We Use US Made Products And Unique Methods

All our wood products are US made and manufactured at a factory in Lancaster PA. All cabinet doors and other decorative elements are custom made for your kitchen by your choice. We offer wide variety of trendy door styles and finishes, from very traditional to ultra modern.

There are only best brand hardware in our inventory from the European manufacturers to reach to highest level of functionality.

Our design experts will provide you with many different options to chose from after consulting with you to achieve that dream look for your kitchen that wants to burst out of your imagination.

There are many methods on how to reface cabinets, which is just gluing veneer or laminate on the existing cabinet as most contractors do. We, however, go beyond that and what we’ll discuss is how we do cabinet refacing- the right way.

We also customize full sets of new kitchen cabinets that suits your home’s style. We can also customize new cabinets to go with your existing cabinets if you only want additions. But wait, there’s more. If you need custom made cabinetry for your kitchen island or extra storage, we are your guys.

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There are so many different versions and variations of cabinet refacing and every provider has different product offerings, standards, prices, and results. Shop and compare, nobody does it better or provides a better return on investment than RENU. If you still in doubt about what to do with your kitchen, call us 855 885 RENU now so we can schedule and send one of our specialists for a home consultation free of charge. They will bring with them tons of samples for you to look at and choose as well as design suggestions to help you become one of many our happy customers.

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